Glass transporters - FEMAK - Golia Glass

The lifting trolley, manufactured with a sturdy steel frame and moved by 4 large wheels, supports a motorized telescopic structure characterized by a powerful vacuum system with 6 suction cups connected to an independent electric pump. In order to answer for the maximum safety the system foresees an additional tank and a non-return valve for a safe guaranteed seal even in case of temporary voltage interruption: a vacuum switch and a flashing light will signal eventual anomalies. The whole system can handle and lift large glass sheets (as well as steel plates, rolled sections, frames and secondary frames etc.) with a maximum lifting power of 500 kg and up to a maximum height of 4.10 m.


Specjalny panel przycisków steruje wszystkimi ruchami układu próżniowego wyposażonego w silnik:

  • up - down feed (2 speeds)
  • rotation 90° right and left
  • tilting 15°
  • translation 200 mm
  • feeding 200 mm

So, thanks to the above mentioned features, you can unload the sheets from a lorry, transport them to the assembly site and finally carry out the installation which will result quick, safe and in particular not tiring at all thanks to the several handlings allowed by the system.

GOLIAGLASS will become the essential installation tool required in those structures, such as trade centres,arcades and so on, where the use of a crane is not possible. Moreover this lift trolley will enable you to reduce the labour normally used so far (two people will be enough to carry out all the operations) with a considerable saving and with a quick amortization of the purchasing cost as well.

Application examples:


Technical features:

  • Net weight: 600 kg
  • Overall dimensions: see picture 1
  • Working heights: see picture 1
  • Max. lifting power: see picture 2


  • Up - down: engine 0,5 kw V = 380 50 Hz 2800 RPM/min. S1 with worm reduction unit and inverter 220v
  • Rotation: engine 0.37 kw V = 230 50 Hz 1400 RPM/min S1
  • Tilting: linear actuator 0,09 kw V = 230 50 Hz 1400 RPM/min. S3 30%.
  • Translation: linear actuator 0,06 kw V = 230 50Hz 1400 RPM/min. S1.
  • Feeding: linear actuator 0,06 kw V = 230 50Hz 1400 RPM/min. S1.
  • Suction: No. 6 suction cups Ø 250 mm connected to a dry pump with capacity 10 m3/h 0,37 kw = 220 50 Hz 1400 RPM/min. S1


  • Up-down: 2,3 m/min
  • Rotation: 180°/min
  • Pivoting: 0.11 m/min
  • Translation: 0.15 m/min
  • Feeding: 0.15 m/min

Optional accesories:

  • Uninterruptible power supply 2000 VA

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